Ways to learn English on-line

The modern world is changing at breakneck speed. Boundaries between states are erasing. People from different countries are increasingly involved in communication with each other. Knowledge of at least one foreign language, in particular English, becomes a necessity. There are three main reasons why we learn foreign languages. They are:

  1. Work and career.
  2. Travelling and communication.
  3. Further education.

Regardless of your goal you need such competences as:

  • speaking;
  • reading;
  • listening;
  • writing.

On the Internet you can find lots if free resources that promise fast results and will not take plenty of time. Unfortunately, it is not always true. The first thing you should realize is that learning is always hard work, requiring great effort. In this article there are some recommendations about the best sites for learning English.

Have a look at our top list of sites for learning English

  1. Blog of online school “Englex” contains grammar articles, international exam preparation tips, topical collections of words and expressions, helpful resources for studying, and tests on the materials of the week to summarize what you have learnt.
  2. Learning English is an excellent resource for self-study through immersion in American reality. It contains a huge number of videos and audio podcasts describing real stories from the lives of common Americans. You can pick a suitable level for yourself and pass it, gradually moving from simple to complex. Here you can practice your listening skills.
  3. British Council has developed free websites for children, teens and adults. They present  a  lot of educational materials for listening and watching, games, texts for reading, grammar tasks and much more.
  4. BistroEnglish presents a rich collection of audio lessons and video sessions for beginners and intermediate students. You will learn grammar, most used words and phrases, phrasebooks for tourists, as well as learn the language from films and songs.
  5. BBC News website is rich in useful words and expressions. Moreover, you not only learn new words, but also practice understanding native speakers.

All these resources are very popular and they really deserve that. Nearly always the main goal of learners is speaking in a foreign language but not only understanding it.

How to learn speaking

For many people the hardest thing about learning a foreign language is speaking. Everybody understands that to learn to speak you must speak, and there are no other ways. At this point, we present only one option for improving conversational English. Italki is an educational platform where you can practice with native-speakers. Here you can take lessons from a teacher or find a partner by language exchange.

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