On-line shopping: for and against

Today, the Internet is not only social networks, cats and movies online, here you can do almost everything, but most importantly, you can do business here. The store at home has become a reality, thanks to the idea of online shopping: you can slowly examine, compare, and ask about the price of competitors. Sellers from around the world immediately rushed to develop such promising sites. Very soon their leaders emerged in this niche of the world market.

Among the biggest and the most successful on-line stores are:

1. Amazon. It was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Today it has no equal.

2. Ebay has excited since 1995. It was set up in 2007 and has become most successful Asian shop.

3. Walmart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton.

4. Officedepot. Since 2009 it has traded in 52 countries with everything needed for an office, from a paper clip to computers and huge multifunctional office machines.

5. Zappos. This site has long held a leading position as the main online store selling shoes.

Now this business is developing more than actively. You can find a great variety of selling sites.  And lots of them are really trustworthy. But some are not.

So, how to recognize scammers?

Due to the fast pace of life and busy schedules, many people visit stores more and more rarely.  And therefore they come to the aid of online stores that are available at any time of the day or night, which open up unlimited possibilities for shopping. However, in the network, along with well-known and successful projects, there are many cheaters and scammers. So, let’s understand how to check the online store for authenticity and recognize frauds in time. If you do not want to be cheated, you should pay attention at:

·  the site(it should contain the information about payment methods, the delivery options,    photos and descriptions of the product, return conditions);

· quality of services(look carefully at the photo of the goods; it is important if there is a possibility of approaching to see the details, consider tags, buttons, stripes and labels);

· customer reviews and comments(but this moment is quite ambiguous, it should be remembered that the reviews can be fake ; in order to get a real picture, you have to study reviews on various forums, websites, social networks and this takes a fair amount of precious time).

So, the probability of cheating is maybe the main disadvantage of buying things on the Internet. This is how you can get away from deception. You just should:

·    choose official sites with high ratings;

·    use PayPal(It is an international electronic payment system that is supported by most major online stores. PayPal will return the money to your account if something goes wrong);

·    give money to the courier or mail employees only after carefully inspecting the thing and making sure that everything is in order;

·    in no case do not disclose the details of your bank card to anyone;

·    require documents for the goods.

Do not be afraid to save your time and money by doing shopping on the Net. You just should remember about the elementary rules which will secure you from tricks.

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