Is it possible to earn on dating sites?

Dating sites have not lost their popularity for many years. Surfing such sites some people just have fun, some are looking for love, and some-for money. We are not going to speak about the predatory women. We are interested in possibilities to earn money by making a dating site? In this article you will find the information about:

  • what makes a good dating website;
  • the most unusual sites;
  • ways to earn money on the dating sites.

So, what really makes a good dating site?

Dating sites are interesting to a rather large audience of people of completely different ages. To create a dating site, you need to attach a considerable creative impulse, because for such sites you need to select the design carefully, take the functionality seriously. Some necessary functions on the dating site:

  1. Registration of users.
  2. Filling a detailed questionnaire.
  3. Search for a partner by specified parameters.
  4. The system of internal correspondence between registered members of the site.

Among the additional features on the dating site are: foreign versions, opportunity for members to block another user, guest lists, user blogs, paid access levels for members. Dating site is a kind of social network. Much depends on your creative approach. Also, it`s very important to think of your target group. You may think that the main audience for dating sites consists just of lonely people aged about 30. It`s not true! Just have a look at this site list.

The most unusual dating sites

  1. Diaper Mates is for diaper fans.
  2. Dead Meet is for funeral workers.
  3. 420 Singles was made for marijuana smokers.
  4. Prescriptions For Love is a site for people with serious illnesses.
  5. Clown Dating was made for clowns.
  6. Gluten Free Singles is especially for people with gluten intolerance.
  7. Date My Single Kid for responsible parents.
  8. Can Do Better for those who deserve more.
  9. Fat B @st @rd Dating -For Fat People.
  10. – for people with “alternative appearance”.

Surfing the net you will find plenty of extraordinary ideas for dating web sites.

But the point is if there are ways to earn money on such kind of sites.

First. Where there are a lot of people, there will always be advertisers. Therefore, the main income of dating sites comes from can be banners, contextual advertising, hot offers, etc.

Secondly. As a rule, dating sites provide users with their own services. For example, if you want to make a virtual gift to other users – send an SMS, if you want your profile to hang on the main page – send an SMS, want to add more personal photos on your account – pay!

Thirdly. Dating sites, oddly enough, have a significant profit from various affiliate programs. For example, affiliate programs selling cool T-shirts, accessories, sending flowers, souvenirs, etc.

As you see dating sites are not only the way to spend time if you feel lonely and want to get a new friend. It is also a good way of making money and having a business.

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