Creating unusual sites

Today there is a huge variety of sites. Some of them are really unusual or sometimes really weird. But you want to make something extraordinary. And probably you are looking for the answers to such questions: How are truly interesting ideas for creating websites born? Where to get inspiration? What topics can and should be used? What niches should be considered while creating a site? In this article we will tell you about:

• main types of internet sites;

• some tips on generating new ideas;

• the most unusual sites.

Talking about types of Internet sites t should be mentioned that:

There is no official classification of pages on the Internet, but there are basic characteristics Business card website is a kind of directory of the company, which contains all the necessary contact information and information about the company.

1. Corporate website helps customers receive information on prices for goods and services in a     convenient way.

2. Promo site serves like an advertising brochure or booklet, and attracts customers.

3. Showcase website is a structured product catalog of a company.

4. Online store gives u customer an opportunity to make an order, select the calculation option, the method of receiving the order and receive an invoice.

5. Information site reminds an encyclopedia or specialized journal

6. Game portal.

7. Personal project.

8. Content Project. This is a site of, as a rule, non-commercial abuse, which is a collection of texts, articles and other materials, the main task of which is to attract visitors on a specific topic.

9. Promo site is created specifically for the promotion of any product or service or the main website of the company.

10. Blog is an Internet diary, or a journal that is kept like news feed.

11. Site Forum is designed to organize communication of site visitors between themselves and with the administrator.

Remember that working on your own website is a business. And what is a business? This is a solution to other people’s problems for money. On the Internet, you either directly receive money for the services provided, or indirectly .Even if there`s nothing is for sale, but due to the large number of visitors it brings a good profit from advertising. Let’s try to understand in more detail what is required for the selection of a successful idea for creating a website.

Here are some tips on generating new ideas of the web sites

First of all, you need to answer three short questions: What I can do best? What I do not mind sharing with others? And what of this will cause interest and relevance?

The next step is monitoring of forums, blogs, competing sites covering topics in a selected niche.

The third stage is study of the target audience whose interest is vital for site promotion. For example, if you focus on the male part of the audience, you can choose such topics as Auto, The property, The medicine, Financial services or Industrial goods. The most interesting things for women are Dating, Leisure, Staff searches, Home repair, and Internet services. Or you can choose any other target audience you like.

Here are some of the most unusual websites

1. Histography .The creators of this portal have managed to create a unique info graphic, which holds 14 billion years of history from the moment of the Big Bang.

2. Flightradar24 allows anyone to monitor the location of airplanes in real time.

3. Site AutoDesk HomeStyler allows you to sketch the interior of the future room without installing bulky software.

4. Button.dekel consists of one magic button “Make it all right“, which is designed to improve life. Isn`t that ingeniously?

5. With the help of the site Multator you can easily create your cartoon in 5 minutes.

These are the only five sites which can be called extraordinary. Surfing the net you will find a great number of incredible and exciting ideas.

Often trivial ideas triggered can attract unexpectedly close attention to a wide audience. Quite a bit of interpretation, creativity and “unexpected” solution with an interesting idea for the site is ready!

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